Santa Rosa Family Photographer | The B. Family – A Sneak Peek!

I have been guilty as  charged of not updating my blog more often but this time I *had* to post about my last session! As soon as I got home, I was dying to start processing the images of the photoshoot, which happened to be the first of the year for me. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful and sunny day (hey, we are in Sonoma County after all) – it did not feel like we were in the middle of winter at all. The precious little girl safely sitting on her Daddy’s lap gave me a run from my money! She was a total firecracker (a new word for her 🙂 ) and it was a lot of fun to see her marvel at every little thing she could find on her path. Needless to say, the beautiful parents are also overjoyed to meet soon their new bundle of joy, which is due to arrive any time!

Enjoy this little sneak peek!


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Gorgeous Miss Grecia in the Warm October Light

Yesterday I had the pleasure to photograph beautiful Miss Grecia. I asked her to show off her girly side but don’t let that charming smile fool you 🙂 She is an extremely talented hip hop dancer and can flawlessly perform some pretty hard core moves.
For our little session we headed to one of my favorite locations (Lake Ralphine): not sure I will ever get bored of that place, with the amazing reflections from the lake and textures offered by the greenery. The warm sunset light and the lake are perfect to enhance complexions and boost that twinkle in the eyes, and the foliage makes a perfect backdrop for beautiful headshots.
So, here she is, prettilicious Grecia!



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Santa Rosa Family Photographer | A Walk in the Woods

A few weeks ago I enjoyed taking pictures of this beautiful family. I had scouted several locations for the photoshoot and I just fell in love with this spot near the lake, close to where I took pictures of my son some time ago. The setting and quiet surroundings made for a serene and almost enchanted atmosphere. This is definitely one of my favorite images from the shoot:


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Santa Rosa Glamour Photographer | And now, for something different…

I have always loved photographing children. I enjoy capturing those little cute smiles and sparkly eyes, and creating memories for their parents while they play. But recently I have discovered that I love just as much to photograph adults, and women in particular. I have started getting interested in glamour photography and I have been inspired by some great photographers to capture real women and make them feel empowered and gorgeous. As women, we tend to be overcritical of our features and often miss to see and enhance our own beauty (I can definitely speak for myself here). So, please meet my first glamorous model, Meena. Isn’t she gorgeous?


santa rosa glamour photographer portrait studio natural light


I am so thankful because she has been willing to pose for a before (left) and after (right) picture – just to see how the power of good makeup application, hair styling, clothing and posing can transform the image we project. Pretty amazing!

sonoma county photographer before after glamour portrait


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Santa Rosa Lifestyle Photographer | Something to jump about. . .

I love outdoor photography – I just love how the environment makes the perfect backdrop for beautiful, rich images. But we know that kids are not just about being dressed up and posing for the camera so this last week-end I went for a quick lifestyle shoot of my son. Guess what? He loved it! Well, how could not he accept my request to… jump on Mommy’s bed? 🙂 So here he is, in all his jumpiness (if there is such a word :-)) Turns out that taking this picture is quite challenging on a technical point of view so I am happy that it worked out, but I am even happier that I captured my son truly enjoying himself!


santa rosa child photographer portrait of child jumping on bed

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Santa Rosa Children Photographer | Early days of Spring. . .

The weather was simply gorgeous last week-end so I decided to take my daughter out for a session. I still remember the days when she would run away from me as soon as she was seeing the camera, and now she has become a delightful and patient model… So, we drove just outside of Santa Rosa to a pretty spot just off Highway 12 and found the perfect patch of mustard flowers in bloom. I love how her pretty lavander dress makes her really stand out in the field of grass and yellow flowers…
Sonoma county photography portrait child mustard field
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Sonoma County Children Photographer | Summer Memories. . .

This is probably one of my favorite images to date… first of all, it is a picture of my beloved niece, doing what she likes the most: she loves playing in the water and could stay there for hours. As all toddlers, she has been really challenging to take pictures of, but we started playing and eventually she forgot that I had a camera in my hands. Also, this picture reminds me of the wonderful time I spent visiting my family in Italy, last summer. And third, yeah, I just love black and white images…

Sonoma County photographer Child portait at the beach

Sonoma County photographer Child portait at the beach

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Santa Rosa Portrait Photographer | A beautiful couple!

As I get my website ready to launch (almost there!!!) I am loving going through my photographs and giving them some finishing touches. This image was taken almost exactly one year ago and, let me tell you, I remember to this day that love was in the air! As a photographer, I could not ask for more: a gorgeous couple, quite comfortable in front of the camera, and with a sincere spark of affection. You can just tell that they are made for each other! Wishing them all the best now that they also have a little one in the family…


Engagement portrait photography Santa Rosa

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Santa Rosa Child Photographer | Finding little gems…

After my portfolio session I revisited some images I took last summer and found this little gem and I HAD to process it. I am sure her Mom will be delighted to receive it 🙂




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My first blog post!

I just had a wonderful and instructive portfolio review with the great Stacie Turner! Feeling motivated and energized to go out and take some fabulous images. Wanna come along? 🙂

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