Invest in your memories…

What brings you here today? No matter what the occasion is, it must because you are hoping to capture a very special moment. And I can’t tell you how excited and honored I am at the idea of being part of it. A child’s milestone, another year wrapping up, a graduation, an engagement, or just celebrating your beautiful self.

Because every occasion is unique, so it will be your photo session. I will contact you before the session to discuss your vision, locations, clothing, etc. The goal is to design a photoshoot to fit your needs and wishes.

A session usually takes about 60-90 minutes. When little children are involved, we will try to keep things shorter to make sure we do not tire them out too much. I do not “clock” my sessions, though. If things are flowing well, and there is a good energy, I can keep shooting for a longer time.

To book a session, there is a non-refundable retainer fee in the amount of $50. This is due at the time of booking and it is used to secure the date and time of the shoot. The fee will be used towards any image package you plan to purchase.

Prints and Products

While we live in the digital age, I strongly believe that we need to continue to preserve our images in print format. I am guilty of relying on digital pictures just like anybody else. I have many images of my children residing in computer hard drives – hardly even seen; forgotten really. Reality is, though, that digital media such as hard drives, USB drives and CDs get corrupted or lost. For this reason, I make sure to have some of my favorite family images on my walls. I enjoy looking at my children’s smiles as I step into our family room, or when I got to their bedroom; I love seeing my family captured in a gorgeous natural setting printed big on a canvas…

For this reason, I offer packages which include both digital files and 5×7 reference prints, printed by my favorite¬†professional lab.